10 Outdoor Bistro Sets You’ll Definitely Love

Are you planning to buy furniture for your outdoor patio or balcony? A bistro set is definitely a wise investment. Bistro sets come in wood or metal form with many useful features. A bistro set is ideal if you want to have some time for yourself to read your favorite book in your balcony. You can also sit on one of its chairs while watching your children play in the garden.

When you have a bistro set, there is no reason why you should not call a couple of friends over to enjoy a cup of hot coffee with some biscuits as you talk about your favorite movie or plan your next shopping trip with them. You might also enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner as well, with your partner. With a bistro set, your relaxation options are truly unlimited.

Bistro Sets, Top Picks & Reviews

#10 SUNCROWN 3-Piece Outdoor Bistro Set – Rust Resistant

SUNCROWN 3-Piece Outdoor Bistro Set - Rust Resistant

The SUNCROWN bistro set is a set of three pieces comprising of two rocking chairs made of black synthetic resin hand-woven wicker and a matching table with a square tempered glass top. The table and chairs feature a powder coated rust-resistant steel frame.

The legs of the chairs are quite sturdy and offer extra balance and strength when you opt for the rocking motion. The chairs come with armrests and thick beige cushions for the seat and the backrest to render maximum comfort.

The gentle rocking motion offers relaxation when you want to have a short nap or read a book. The tabletop is of just the right size for two cups of coffee and a newspaper or a book. You can easily assemble this set and it comes along with all the tools that you would need.

It offers the right setting to read a book or enjoy the company of your friends over a high tea. The bistro set is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

4 Key Features

· Classy look with minimalistic design

· Removable and washable cushion covers

· Two color options of black and brown for the frame

· Weather and UV-resistant

#9 Grand Patio Foldable Table and Chairs Bistro Set – Heavy Duty

Grand Patio Foldable Table and Chairs Bistro Set - Heavy Duty

The Grand Patio bistro set comes with two chairs and a center table with a round top. The wrought iron chairs and table feature a powder coated steel frame that makes them rust resistant. The lightweight chairs encompass a heavy-duty construction to withstand a weight of up to 300 pounds on each chair.

The set is maintenance-free and you can clean it very easily with a wet cloth. The bright color gives the bistro set an artistic look. The legs of the table and chairs have been fitted with plastic cushions to make them sturdy and for protecting the joints.

This bistro set can be used right away without the need for any assembly. Cushions can be placed on the chair seats for added comfort. The set is available in five vibrant color choices of blue, mint green, white, red and yellow that is bound to make you enjoy the time you spend outdoors.

4 Key Features

· Compact size taking up less space

· Easy folding mechanism and portable

· Thick and wide bars on the seating and backrest to prevent discomfort

· Cushioned legs for scratch-free floors

#8 Marble Tiles Design Tabletop Bistro Set from Home Styles – Classic Design

Marble Tiles Design Tabletop Bistro Set from Home Styles - Classic Design

The Home Styles bistro set encompasses two chairs with cushions and sloping arms rests along with a table. The table has a circular top with small octagonal and square tiles in a ring-like arrangement. The cushion and sloped arms enhance your comfort when seated on the chair.

The base has a cabriole design and is made of powder-coated steel with a black finish. The cabriole design adds to the sturdiness of the chairs and the table. The chairs also have synthetic weave two-tone walnut brown colored seats and backrests. The arced backrests ensure that your back does not pain or hurt however long you sit on the chair.

The furniture set has an elegant thin black metal frame and nylon adjustable glides that keep the surface of the furniture free of damage. Each item of this bistro set is labeled individually for easy identification. The set comes with easy to follow instructions for assembly and requires minimum cleaning time.

4 Key Features

· Stylish look for a sophisticated patio

· Tying mechanism for the cushions

· Ergonomic design of the armrests

· Glides to keep the table steady

#7 Giantex Convention PE Rattan Wicker Bistro Set – Use Anywhere

Giantex Convention PE Rattan Wicker Bistro Set - Use Anywhere

The Giantex bistro set is a set of two chairs with removable sponge cushions and a high rectangular table with a tempered glass top and rounded corners. There is enough space below the table for you to keep your legs comfortably.

The steel frame combined with a PE rattan weave design not only keeps the set durable but also renders it a modern look. The back of the chair is designed such that it enhances the resting experience and has a hole on the top. The bistro set makes a great choice both indoors in your balcony or outside in the courtyard.

The cushions are made of white polyester fabric so that they can be washed easily. The chairs come in two sizes so that you can save on space. The bistro set is available in dark brown and brown color options. The strapping mechanism of the cushions makes them easy to remove when you want to clean.

4 Key Features

· Damage-resistant tempered glass tabletop

· Easily movable and curved back chairs

· Sturdy on any surface

· Sufficient leg space below the chairs

#6 Best Choice Products Antique Style Bistro Set – Umbrella Support

Best Choice Products Antique Style Bistro Set - Umbrella Support

The Best Choice Products bistro table set features a stylish table and two chairs with tulips design on the tabletops and chair backrests. The furniture is made of rust-free cast aluminum that ensures durability while the antique copper finish offers no compromise in the looks department.

The color coordination makes any patio, garden or balcony look trendy with a vintage style appearance. The hole in the center of the table allows you to insert an umbrella to protect you from either the sun or the rain.

The whole set is quite compact and is a good bargain if you are short of space outdoors. The bistro set is reasonably priced and you can buy it without having to worry about burning a hole in your pocket. It comes with the instructions required for setting up the unit.

4 Key Features

· Umbrella support for any weather usage

· Antique copper finish for a rich look

· No need to disassemble for each move

· True value for money

#5 Flamaker Bistro Set with Loveseat and Two Single Chairs – For Family Use

Flamaker Bistro Set with Loveseat and Two Single Chairs - For Family Use

The Flamaker bistro set has a love seat, two individual chairs and a rectangular table. The frame of the complete set is made using steel tubes that have powder coating. The seat and the back of the chairs are made of breathable Textilene material that is interwoven with meshes.

The back is also slightly bent and you can move the chairs around easily. The rubber foot mats at the bottom of the legs prevent scratches on the floor when you drag the chair from one place to another.

The material used on the chairs is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a damp or dry cloth when it is dirty. The embedded and sucker design of the table keeps its glass secure in place. The bistro set is available in full black and a combination of black and brown color options.

4 Key Features

· Breathable fabric for sitting comfort

· Compact size for indoor use

· Removable tempered glass for tabletop

· Availability of a loveseat along with two chairs

#4 PHI VILLA Swivel Chair Bistro Set – Rotating Style

PHI VILLA Swivel Chair Bistro Set - Rotating Style

The PHI VILLA bistro set is a set of two swiveling chairs with well-ventilated seats and curved arms along with a table that has a circular tempered glass top. All three pieces feature weather and rust resistant brown steel frames with powder coating.

The seat and backrests of the chairs are covered with quick drying and breathable brown fabric. The table has an ergonomic design and it is of just the right height. The lightweight design of the table helps you move it easily from one place to another. The seats are at a very comfortable height of 15 inches from the ground.

The chairs have very little rocking movement and are capable of withstanding heavy loads of up to 250lbs per chair. The bistro set can be assembled in very little time by following the instructions provided. The accessories required for the setup are also provided along with the bistro set.

4 Key Features

· 360 degrees swiveling mechanism

· Stain-resistant and fade-resistant fabric for a new look

· Small size allows for confined outdoor spaces

· Heavy load-bearing capability

#3 Hanie Design Acacia Wood Bistro Set – Natural Finish

Hanie Design Acacia Wood Bistro Set - Natural Finish

The Hanie Design bistro set is a set of two chairs and a rectangular top table with a natural finish and geometric design. All three pieces of the set are foldable and are made of wood grain from the acacia tree and the set uses German engineering for its construction.

The chairs and table also implement a snug fit mechanism that prevents them from wobbling. If you have a swimming pool, this is the right bistro set for your poolside. The wooden material gives a feeling of using the set near a beach. The geometric design gives the simple set a rich and elegant look. The bistro set is also ideal for indoor use.

The folding design allows you to keep the chairs and table aside without taking up space when not in use. The tabletop can be folded and the folded chairs can be kept beneath. You can also use this set in your patio, courtyard, garden or any place you want to keep it. The smooth surface keeps the bistro set durable for years because it is very easy to clean and requires minimum maintenance.

4 Key Features

· Classic openwork design

· Natural finish for protection from any weather

· Sound structure for durability

· Collapsible design for winter season storage

#2 Safavieh Bar Table Bistro Set – High Chairs

Safavieh Bar Table Bistro Set - High Chairs

The Safaveih bistro set is a good choice for use in your bar. You can also put up the set in any outdoor place. The bar set is designed using eucalyptus wood and features polyester upholstery. The high chairs have two different colored cushions for the seats and the back.

The table has a sturdy base that keeps it sturdy on uneven surfaces. The choice of wood for the set gives it a naturalistic appearance. The wide seats give you ample room to sit comfortably.

The chairs have a horizontal bar connecting each leg so that you can rest your feet comfortably. The sleek chairs perfectly complement the 39.8 inches contemporary table. They are comfortable by themselves and you can keep the cushions aside if you don’t want to use them.

The cushion covers can be removed and you can wash them when you find them getting dirty. The bistro set is available in grey and beige as well as teak brown and beige colors. The set will have to be assembled for use.

4 Key Features

· Cross design at the base to support the legs of the table

· Easy to clean and requires less maintenance

· Fresh look for any outdoor space

· Two color options

#1 Alpine Corporation Floral Pattern Bistro Set – Elegant Look

Alpine Corporation Floral Pattern Bistro Set - Elegant Look

The Alpine Corporation bistro set has two chairs with a round top table comprising of semicircular legs that give it a distinct look. The buttons on the legs of the chairs and table prevent scratches on the floor. The chairs have a curved design and a floral pattern on the back.

The seats and the tabletop also have the same floral pattern. The pattern has been created using ceramic and mosaic tiles in pleasing colors. The frames of the chairs and seat are made of durable steel.

The set comes in a compact size that is just right for almost any yard. You are sure to enjoy sitting on the chair of this bistro set and sip your lemonade or enjoy a meal with a friend. The set will definitely enhance the beauty of your garden with its design and cheerful appearance. The lightweight aspect accounts for easy portability of the set.

4 Key Features

· Elegant tan design because of the ceramic and mosaic tiles

· Weather-resistant steel frame for durability

· Folding style for easy storage

· Warranty period of one year


Here, we have listed ten bistro sets with both simple and sophisticated designs at different price points. Customers who bought the above-listed bistro sets have been happy with their purchases. They have enjoyed using their sets and have even recommended them to their family and friends.

Moreover, these bistro sets have got decent reviews on Amazon and you can buy the one that meets your requirements without any apprehension. Your patio, backyard, garden or balcony is sure to be incomplete without one of these bistro sets. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy a bistro set right away and enhance the beauty of your home.

Bistro Set Buying Guide

Why do you need a bistro set?

A bistro set is essentially a smaller version of your dining table that you can use outdoors or in indoor spaces like balconies. You can enjoy a drink or munch your favorite snack while enjoying the beauty of your garden. The portability feature allows you to use these sets almost anywhere.

Is it possible to use a bistro set in small and confined spaces?

Yes, you can definitely use a bistro set in such spaces. However, not all sets will fit in small areas. You may want to check out those sets that come with a folding mechanism. This will allow you to use the set when you wish and fold the table and chairs after you have used them so that you don’t run out of space.

What material should I opt for my bistro set?

The answer to this depends on where you are planning to use the set. If you are looking for a set that you plan to use in the bar in your house or anywhere else indoors, wooden bistros would serve the purpose. But bistro sets are generally intended for outdoor use.

So you might consider investing in a set with a steel frame that has a powder-coating. This coating makes the set rust-free and you can use it outdoors safely without having the fear of getting it damaged.

Can I assemble the bistro set on my own or do I need assistance?

Some bistro sets will have to be assembled when you buy them. However, you can set it up easily by following the instructions that come along with the set. Often, you will be provided with the necessary items that are required for assembly.

If you are still apprehensive about setting up the unit on your own, you can always check out models that can be used right away without any setup.

Is it possible to remove the cushion covers of the chairs of my bistro set?

Yes, most bistro sets come with cushions that have removable covers which allows you to wash them when they become stained or dirty. Some of the cushions have zips for their covers. In some cases, the cushions are held on to the seat by a strapping mechanism. You will have to release the straps to take the cushions off the seat.